When we become part of our customers’ Big Day….

… It’s nothing but a great honour for us! Blessed nuptials, everyone!


Part of the allure of our bespoke shoe offerings is that no matter what outfit you have or the colour, there is probably a shoe style and shoe colour in our leather collection that can be custom-made! If you have problems fitting into shoes, our made-to-measure service ensures a good, if not perfect, fit that will have you feeling great on your Big Day!


We recently launched our bespoke high heels (Brogue-styled of course) for the ladies as well so no more complaints of not finding good-fitting or matching shoes for your wedding gowns and evening gowns!

If you have a specially-made outfit, you can speak to us to similarly design a unique shoe for you, seriously! That’s what we do at Diamond Walker bespoke shoes!

Visit our facebook page at www.facebook.com/diamond-walker-official and see what we have done over the years!

Here’s a gallery of just some of our happy clients’ special occasion!