The brand…. An interesting moniker wouldn’t you say? It started off with having a diamond embedded between engraved initials for our shoes (aka walkers) and the name felt catchy, a tad whimsical, with no airs then but alluding to a diamond in the rough (as we were… new, unpolished, unshapen back then) but with the potential to become a gem like no other!   The brand name stuck, and here we are today, Diamond Walker bespoke shoes now worn by many celebrities, personalities and the men-in-the-street who understand what individual style is!


Diamond Walker brand shoes in a special edition box

Diamond Walker shoes with a small embedded diamond between engraved initials

Diamond Walker is a bespoke shoe brand specializing in quality leather shoes for men and offering full customization with our made-to-measure services. Founded and headquartered in Singapore, our bespoke shoes are all designed and hand-made by our craftsmen in Seoul, Korea, using only the finest leathers from the best tanneries in Italy, presenting the finest bespoke men’s shoes with quality craftsmanship.

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